Climate in Cairo

Climate in Egypt varies from surprisingly cold to extremely hot. Along the northern coast of the country the climate is Mediterranean during winter (December through March) – cool, windy and humid, with occasional rains.

General Information about Cairo

• Currency : Egyption Pounds

• Spoken Language : Arabic / English

• Time difference between Oman and Morocco : - 2 hrs

• Best time to visit:
The best times to visit Cairo are from March to April and from October to November. These short shoulder seasons welcome comfortable temperatures, fewer crowds and low hotel rates on most days of the week.

Information about Flights to Cairo

• Flight option: Oman Air , Egypt Air , Gulf Air , Emirates

• Approximate flying hours: 2:30

• Number of flights in a day : Oman Air ( 2 flights ) non stop
Egypt Air ( 1 flight ) Non Stop
Gulf Air ( 4 flights ) Via Bahrain
Emirates ( 3 flights ) Via Dubai

Interesting facts about Cairo

1. Babylon Fortress which was an antique castle located in the Coptic Cairo, was a part of old Cairo. It was the oldest ancient monument that separates Lower Egypt from middle Egypt. Though the fort was first built in the sixth century BC by the Persians near the Nile River, it was relocated to its present location by the Roman Emperor Trajan (98 to 117 A.D).

2. Al-Azhar Mosque, the first mosque in Cairo, was built in 972 A.D., which was the origin for the city to be nicknamed as the city of thousand minarets.

3. Al-Azhar Mosque was slowly developed into University in 975 A.D. It is the world’s second oldest university which is popular for the study of Islamic law, Sunny theology and Sharia. World’s oldest university is the University of Al-Karaouine situated in Fes, Morocco, established in 859 A.D.

4. Cairo had housed the Arab League during most of its existence.

5. The Hanging Church is one of the largest and oldest Christian churches in Cairo which was built in Basilican style in 3rd or 4th century A.D.

6. Cairo marked the largest city west of China by 1340 with a population of approximately half a million.

7. Cairo was hit by plague, one of the most shattering pandemics, for more than fifty times during 1348 and 1517 due to which the population had been reduced to approximately 300,000. The mishap is termed as Black Death and was caused by a bacterium carried by oriental rat fleas that live on the black rats.

8. Cairo has been a birth place to many famous people like Naguib Mahfouz, novelist and Nobel laureate in 1988.

9. Cairo had been a hub for many civilizations including Pharaohs, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Babylonians.

10. The only remainder of the seven ancient Wonders of the World, the pyramids of Giza, is situated in the outskirts of Cairo. Not only many great historical monuments and ancient museums exist in Cairo but also the great Sphinx and ancient cities like Giza, Memphis and Fustat are situated near it.


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