Climate in Munich

Due to the proximity of the Alps, winters in the state capital are relatively snowy in comparison with other German cities. In the winter months, the temperatures usually range between 4 and -4 degrees Celsius. In summer, the average temperature increases to a pleasant 23 degrees – it can, however, also hit 30 degrees during the day. However, you should always keep an eye on the sky – particularly from May to August, when more rain falls in Munich than during the rest of the year.

General Information about Munich

• Currency: Euro
• Spoken Language : German / Sorbian / Romani
• Time difference between Oman and Germany : - 3 Hrs
• Best time to visit:
September and early October are some of the best times to visit Germany, especially when the warm summer days extend into fall known as Altweibersommer (Indian summer).

Information about Flights to Munich

Flight option: Oman Air, Qatar Airways, British Airline, Emirates

Approximate flying hours: 3.30hrs

Number of flights in a day:
Oman air ( 1 flight ) non-stop
Qatar Airways ( 5flights) Via Doha
British Airways ( 3 flights ) Via London

Interesting facts about Munich

1. Munich – the capital of Bavaria – is known for more than just the world’s largest beer festival and BMWs. Apart from these, the city is also rich in beautiful architecture, meaty sausages (traditionally eaten for breakfast), good football, museums, vintage trams, parties, exhibitions, and parks – one of which is larger than even New York’s Central Park. Here, Travel on Spot gives you a chance to better acquaint yourself with this city by reading a few interesting facts about it.

2. Munich’s English Garden is one of the largest city parks in the world (4.17 sq. km).

3.To every sports enthusiast, the image of this city cannot be divorced from FC Bayern – the most famous football club in Germany.

4.Munich is great for nudists: those who like to swim and sunbathe naked will find any number of places designed just for it.

5.This city is considered to be Germany’s beer capital: Munich and its suburbs are home to 21 brewery and 22 beer restaurants. It also hosts the world-famous Oktoberfest.

6. Munich has 45 museums, the most popular of which is Deutsches Museum (the world’s largest science and technology museum), visited by over a million people every year.


Card reader devices for EC and credit cards are available in almost all Munich shops or restaurants – and if they aren’t, you will normally be informed that they aren’t available and that you can only pay in cash. As smaller shops often only allow you to pay with a card over a certain amount, e.g. 10 euros, it is recommended that you always have cash on you. There are lots of ATMs in every district of the city from which you can withdraw cash.

Visa regulation to Munich

Schengen Visa prior to arrival through the German Embassy


Points of interests

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