About Yerevan

Yerevan, Armenia's capital, is marked by grand Soviet-era architecture. The Matenadaran library, housing thousands of ancient Greek and Armenian manuscripts, dominates its main avenue. Republic Square is the city's core, with musical water fountains and colonnaded government buildings. The 1920s History Museum of Armenia on the square's eastern side contains archaeological objects like a circa-3500-B.C

Climate in Yerevan

-Summer: is dry and sunny, (lasting from June to mid-September)
- Winter is short and quite cold with plenty of snow (March to April)
-spring is a lovely season to visit Armenia its between (October and November)
-Autumn in Yerevan: Armenian fall is noted for mild and sunny weather, bright colors of landscapes and abundance of autumn fruits.

General Information about Yerevan

Currency: Dram

Spoken language: Russian, English, and French.

Time difference between Oman and Yerevan: +0.00 hours( No time difference )

Best time to visit:
The best time to head to this country would be the beginning and ending months of summer – late May and early June or else late September and early October. This is the time when the heat is comparatively less and the weather is comfortable and idle for exploration.

Information about Flights to Yerevan

Flight option: Qatar Airways, Fly Dubai

Approximate flying hours: 7 hours

Number of flights
Qatar Airways( 2 flights ) Via Doha
Fly Dubai (5 Flights) Via Dubai

Interesting facts about Yerevan

- Armenia is one of the only mono ethnic countries in the world
- An estimated 1.5 million Armenians were killed during the Genocide
- Armenia is one of the oldest wine producing country in the world
- Armenians bake their lavish underground in a toner
- The entire country worships Mt Ararat which is also the national symbol of Armenia

Visa regulation to Yerevan

-Omanis: visa on arrival

-Other nationality: can apply for the E- Visa, through their official website (https://evisa.mfa.am)


Points of interests

Information & FAQ

Useful things to know before you go

There is no discrimination between tourists and locals in Armenia

This has gotta be one of our favourite points. We really like how there’s no discrimination between tourists and the locals here in Armenia! Tickets to all attractions in Armenia were priced the same for both locals and tourists, unlike in some other countries where the tourist price is almost 10 times more expensive than the local’s price. Actually, it’s free entry to all the churches in Armenia, which is pretty amazing actually. Only certain attractions such as the Garni Temple below requires a small fee for the entrance ticket.

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